The Art

When I started my real estate career nearly 25 years ago, I was looking for a way to rise above the crowd and capture the attention of the kind of clients I wanted. I had spent 4 years helping get PICA (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art) off the ground and in that time I got to know most of Portlands’ emerging artists. All the following images are the result of my commissioning a local artist and simply asking them to make me a piece about ‘what home means to them’. My only stipulation was that it had to be original and not part of their existing portfolio. What came back was photographed and a postcard produced. The card was sent to about 2,000 people on my mailing list here in Portland. I also ran a full page ad in our local magazine, Portland Monthly that featured the art – front and center. Both the card and the ad simply asked the viewer ‘What Does Home Mean to You?’ and then proposed they go to to find out. It has evolved into an interesting collection, and has very successfully brought me clients (like you) that were curious and willing to look beyond the obvious.


Terry Waldron "Cin dralla?"

Terry Waldron
“Sin derella?”

Paul Arensmeyer "Neighbors"

Paul Arensmeyer

Brian Borello "A View of Portland"

Brian Borello
“A View of Portland”

Lisa Wright "In the garden of Sampson & Beasley"

Lisa Wright
“In the garden of Sampson & Beasley”

Nan Curtis "Remodel PART 1"

Nan Curtis
“Remodel PART 1”

Larry Shlim "Utah"

Larry Shlim

Kim Hamblin Heart & Home

Kim Hamblin
“Heart & Home”

Stuart Horodner "Crossword"

Stuart Horodner

"Urban Angels"

“Urban Angels”

Kelly Ponzi "Wine Country"

Kelly Ponzi
“Wine Country”

Andi Kovel "Brand 2002"

Andi Kovel
“Brand 2002”

Chris Riley "A Walk by the River in June"

Chris Riley
“A Walk by the River in June”

Red76 "Vancouver Homestead"

“Vancouver Homestead”

Michael T Hensley The Magician

Michael T Hensley
“The Magician”

Esque Studio Glass houses

Esque Studio
“Glass houses”

Jorg Jacoby Greenhouse #5

Jorg Jacoby
“Greenhouse #5”

By Nan B. Curtis and Martin Houston What's Wrong with This Picture?

By Nan B. Curtis and Martin Houston
“What’s Wrong with This Picture?”

Ross Venokur What Does Home Mean?

Ross Venokur
“What Does Home Mean?”

Jim Riswold EamesRockingChairmanMao

Jim Riswold
“Eames RockingChairmanMao”

Tom Cramer House

Tom Cramer

Dianne Kornberg Studio

Dianne Kornberg

Dana Lynn Lewis Savaré

Dana Lynn Lewis