N Williams Condo :: SOLD at $480,000

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SOLD at $480,000, this lovely 1320sq ft condo has been my home for the past 5 years. I have seen The Williams Corridor change dramatically in that time. When I first moved in there was only one block of apartments and now there are more than I can count. A vibrant community has grown up around me, more restaurants than I can shake a stick at, New Seasons within easy walking distance and a plethora of boutiques to keep a girl occupied for hours.

This building is small – only 6 units and in 8 years only 3 units have turned over, so we are a very cohesive bunch! As is the case in most condo/apartments, we are a mixed use building with MyOptic optometry, Evolved Arts tattoos, and (in my world at least the best of all) Royale Mani/Pedi shop downstairs. Basically they got us covered, head to toe. I’m so sad to be leaving but this girl as you know has a few motorcycles and I do love to wrench a bit, so a garage with a house attached is in my future.

The building was designed by Taka Sakura and built to exacting standards. We have Japanese tile on the exterior which has proved durable and largely maintenance free (an annual wash is pretty much IT). The interior corridor has large windows and a communal deck that houses a bbq for all to use. Inside this corner unit, there is a full bath (with walk-in shower), bedroom 1, a huge coat closet that wraps under the stairs and is big enough to store a bicycle along with all the skis/suitcases/xmas decoration boxes and more; then the large kitchen/living room with roll-up garage door for not just loads of light, but very good ventilation in the summer.

There are heated concrete floors on this level warming your feet early in the morning and keeping an even temperature (aided by a NEST thermostat). Upstairs there is bedroom 2, washer/dryer closet, bathroom 2 and the master bedroom with a large slider to a private deck overlooking NE Shaver. All the bedrooms currently have queen sized beds in them, so space is not too much of a problem here!