SW Umiat St :: SOLD at $290,000

Before I got into real estate I helped set up PICA (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art). This was before I had a work permit or a green card or any ability to actually earn money. What I did have was TIME and I wanted to spend that time in the contemporary art scene. As I made that decision, Kristy Edmunds was busy putting together her board of directors and needed help, so I became her first full time volunteer staff. We started with a borrowed office a phone and a borrowed laptop. Very quickly I found us furniture, another phone, a couple of computers and we were in business! PICA is still a vibrant part of the arts community and I'm really proud to have been a part of it. Fast forward 20 years and Kristy's mum needed to move closer to her daughter (now in LA) and we needed to maximize the sale of her home. Very close to the local elementary school and in great condition I knew this home would fly. Three days on the market and sold for $25,000 over asking price.